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4 Adult Gifts For The Man In Your Life

Dec 28, 2019Blog, Sex Toys

In this season of festive giving and cheer, you don’t want to forget about the important man in your life.

Male sex toys can tend to get a bad reputation. 

But if you and your partner can keep an open mind, you may soon find you love exploring different props that bring him pleasure.

And as an added bonus, these male toys can all be used with a partner.

And some – like the vibrating c-ring – also take your pleasure into consideration, too. 

So tuck aside the inhibitions, and add a toy or two for him to your adult toy box. 

You both just might discover a new favorite bedroom fetish.

Vibrating C-Ring

We top our list with a great couples toy – the revered C-Ring. 

Cock rings are designed to make your man’s erection harder, bigger, and longer lasting. 

This so far sounds like an all around win, right? 

But add some strategically placed vibrating bullets, and you’ll find both of your pleasure is brought to new heights. 

C-Rings can be worn safely during foreplay and intercourse, making them a great toy for those just starting to experiment with bedroom props.

Masturbator Sleeve

The masturbator sleeve has been primarily known for its history of male solo play. 

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t an incredibly underrated couples toy. 

Squeeze some lubricant into the sleeve, and you will have a new and exciting way to amp up your hand jobs. 

Prostate Probe

If you have never explored the world of anal play, this flexible, comfortable prostate probe is a great way to start. 

Prostate stimulation can lead to very intense male orgasms, and if he knows you’re open to exploring this new world of anal play, he will be more likely to open his mind to the possibility, too. 

A probe can be worn during foreplay, oral, and vaginal sex, and is sure to result in a powerful climax he will never forget.

Harness / Probe Combo

If you’re not a newbie to anal play, or you’re just looking to have a little more involvement, a harness/probe combo might be the perfect thing to surprise your partner with. 

This silicone combo is perfect for pegging, and dominatrix play. 

Give it a try – you might find that you both love it when you’re the one in the driver’s seat!

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