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5 Exciting Ways To Please Your Man Tonight

Mar 21, 2019Blog, Sex Life, Sex Tips

Pleasing your man is one of the best rewards you can give him after a tough day at work.

Believe it or not, your husband always wants to have an intimate time with you even if they don’t ask for it. More often, they also want their wives to initiate first.

Having a good understanding of each other’s sexual needs can strengthen your relationship as a whole.


Here are some ways to please your man tonight:

Get Touchy In Different Places

Try to have sex in other places other than your bedroom. Men fantasize about having sex in different places with you.

They want to explore their wild side with you may it be in the outdoors, in your kitchen, in the bathroom, in the car, on your couch, or just sneak in other places at home. They want to try something different to change your routine sex place for a more fun night.

You may also try to give him a sexy show by using our Elite 7 X Waterproof vibrator for a more confident you. Make him go wild now!

Indulge In His Fantasies

Ask your partner what his sexual fantasies are and try to go along with it. Most men want to dominate their partners as this increases their confidence and masculinity.

They want to do all the sexual positions in different places as they always want to try something new. We have Sean Michaels Book to guide you on the sexual positions that you can try with your husband.

Make your sex life better and try these positions with our book guide now!

Initiate Playfully But Carefully

Be the one to initiate sexual contact, but pay attention at the same time. Make sure to read his reactions too because men may not always be in the mood.

Did his favorite team win, did he got promoted, or are they any more good news? Help him to celebrate by surprising him with a sexy time with you!

Think about what you like when he is the one who initiates. Incorporate a sex toy to make things more interesting for your husband.

Try eating our Pecker Glow Pop-Assorted Flavors and let him imagine that you are doing it to him now!

Be Vocal

Speak up when you have sex. Heavy breathing or moaning may turn him on when you are indulging in each other’s bodies.

A little dirty talk will always make things a little more fun. You may also wear our Showgirl Hearts of Love Set to be visually captivating for your husband.


Tease Him

Sexual interaction is a back and forth between the both of you. When you add a little playful withholding, you avoid the routine sex and create more sexual tension.

Next time you two are at a movie or some public place, tell him what you can’t wait to do to him when you get home!

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