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Common Bedroom Toys To Use To Enhance Your Sex Life

Apr 23, 2019Blog, Sex Life, Sex Toys

Adult toys used to be a taboo topic but have gradually become more mainstream.

Recent studies even show that people generally hold positive views about adults who use vibrators. Women who showed positive attitudes about the use of vibrators also scored higher on what the researchers called the Female Sexual Function Index.

In less scientific terms, women who had pleasant associations with using vibrators also reported higher states of arousal and more excellent rates of, shall we say, “overall satisfaction” (and you know what we mean).

It’s no big surprise that enhancing physical pleasure also enhances sexual enjoyment.

As attitudes regarding the use of adult toys have changed, women and their partners have enjoyed more satisfying and more intimate sex.

For many women, the use of sex toys has greatly increased both the frequency and enjoyment of sex, with or without a partner, and study after study shows the benefits that regular sex (and especially “overall satisfaction”) can deliver: less anxiety and depression, more energy and a more positive outlook on life.

Do couples need to use sex toys?

Needless to say, it’s wonderful news that the use of sex toys has a liberating and life-enhancing effect on women—but how does using sex toys increase intimacy between couples and the overall health of their relationships?

While many couples may get along just fine without them, the use of toys shows the same kind of benefits—for both partners—that the solo use of vibrators does just for women.

Couples who explore new ways of experiencing intimacy…

Not surprisingly, couples who explore new ways of experiencing intimacy—including incorporating one or more sex toys—report higher relationship satisfaction, and also scored higher in terms of maintaining levels of desire and passion in their relationships over time.

A study conducted at Chapman University by Dr. David Frederick, Ph.D. found that couples who reported having used sex toys together also reported higher levels of satisfaction, both in terms of the sex they had with their partners and with their relationship overall.

The same couples were also more open to other relationship-enhancing experiences, like showering together, trying new sexual positions, and scheduling regular “date nights” to be intimate.

There’s certainly no harm in using toys

So, while couples may not strictly “need” to use sex toys, there’s certainly no harm in it—and studies show that it is likely to enhance their sex lives, which has a positive impact on the rest of their relationship.

It’s important to be open, honest, and communicative with your partner, and the use of adult toys during intimate times presents a great opportunity to talk about what feels good (and what feels even better). Using a sex toy with a partner may not be a must—but it’s certainly not a bad idea, and plenty of good (and good feelings) can result from it.