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“Silent sex is awesome!” said no one ever.

Well, maybe your next-door neighbor who prefers not to hear anything from the thin walls. And also a small percentage of people who prefers boring sex.

It’s not a secret that dirty talk is an effective way to crank your sex life to eleven if done right.

The problem is, in the age of political correctness, the art of dirty talk has been lost to the un-indoctrinated. There’s an ever-present fear of saying the wrong thing while having sex. Imagine that. You’re rubbing flesh and juice with an entirely different person and your biggest fear is to say something stupid.

Doesn’t sex itself look stupid anyway? If you’ve seen sex outside of Hollywood and PornHub, it’s really just squirming, moaning, and sighing — and sometimes, not in that particular order.

You’re already doing something stupid. Sounding stupid doesn’t really matter anymore. You might as well try it — and get good at it.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to teach you today:



No, it’s not a matter of sounding like an American porn star. It isn’t sounding like a Japanese porn star, either.

Sex is psychological, even for men. As he gets inside you, you also need to get inside his head to elevate your experience.

Here are some tips on how to do that:


Men have wild imaginations. Sometimes, it’s enough to get them off. Use that to your advantage. Make them see clear vivid imagery, even as they close their eyes. Make him see what’s going on inside you without necessarily showing it. Don’t worry about being vulgar — it’s called dirty talk for a reason.

Say phrases like “your dick throbbing inside me and it feels so good”, “my pussy feels so wet and it needs your cock”, or “I can drink all of your cum right now.”

You can also tell him what’s going on with your mind with phrases like “I want to gag on your cock”, “I’ve been thinking about you pounding me”, or “you make me want to ride you ‘til you cum inside me.”


This is the core principle of “harder”, “faster”, “deeper” — three effective words that will surely get his attention.

Men want you to want them, and they want to hear it from you. They want clear directions on where you want them and how.

Say phrases like “fuck my pussy raw”, “don’t stop until you finish inside me”, “I want to feel your tongue against my pussy”, or “please suck my nipples”.

Combining this with the above tip, give vivid descriptions of how you want to be fucked.


Not only do you want to make him feel good physically, but you also want him to feel good about himself.

Give compliments. Say things like “your cock feels amazing”, “you’re such a stud”, or “oh god, you give a good fucking!”


Don’t shy away from him when you say these phrases. Own it. Look at him straight in the eye as you tell him how much you want him.



If you’ve ever only grunted during sex, you will see a sharp difference after you’ve talked dirty. If men like being engaged mentally during sex, more so women.

Here’s how to step your game up:


The truth is, women want to be dominated and objectified — by a man they trust in a safe consenting setting. They’re looking for someone with a good frame, and you need to be that person for her.

Let her know who the boss is:

  • Tell her what you want to do to her: “I’ll fill your pussy up tonight, baby.”
  • Tell her what will happen to her: “You won’t stop moaning tonight.”
  • Tell her who she belongs to: “You’re my slut, sexy girl.”
  • Encourage her behavior: “Yeah… That’s right. Suck my cock.”

Say these phrases confidently in a low, calm voice. You don’t want to sound like Daffy Duck while pounding your woman.

BONUS: Let her participate in your dirty talk. Use questions like “who’s my slut?” If she says “me”, reply with “louder!”


Women want to feel like a sexual goddess. They want to feel like they’re so hot, they made you turn to your basic animal instincts and forget all your upbringing. They want to feel like you’re dying to fuck her right now.

  • Tell her how much you want her: “I’ve been thinking about pounding your pussy all day.”
  • Tell her what you’re dying to do to her: “I can’t wait ‘til I feel your throat on my cock, baby.”
  • Tell her how aggressive you’ll get with her: “I’m gonna throw you on the bed tonight.”


Above everything, you have to understand that there’s a limit for everyone on anything. Some women might like being called a “bitch” or told how much of a slut they are, while some would leave you on the spot. Be cautious. When in doubt, ask her what she wants. If she doesn’t know what she wants, test the waters with something tame before you move out to something filthy.

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