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Intimate Night Ideas For Couples To Do During Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2018 | Blog, Sex Toys

As years pass by, sex toys are becoming more and more normal in society. There’s nothing bad about having fun, right? Turkey isn’t the only meal you will be eating this Thanksgiving.


It’s time we get out of our comfort zone and explore how you can make your nights more exciting! More than that, sex toys have more benefits other than just pleasure. They can improve sexual performance for couples because they improve relationships by bringing in a marvelous spark and fantastic intimate night ideas.


How does a sexy thanksgiving dinner sound like? We have prepared a list of romantic thanksgiving ideas and toys you and your partner should try out to spice things up.


Encounters Game

Let’s take things slow. This is a great idea for foreplay, it shouldn’t always start abruptly because taking time will make them anticipate and want more from you. Gotta hand it to the genius who came up with a better way to do foreplay.


Bound by Diamonds G With Pasties Kit

Meals should come on a silver platter,  but it’s better with diamonds! This pasties kit will have him drooling more than any meal on the table.


Edible Undies for Men and Women

How about dessert? This is something you should look forward to! These edible undies come in different flavors like pina colada, cherry and strawberry making it the perfect sweet treat for him and her. If this doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.


Remote Control Vibrating Panty

Here’s a thrilling yet portable sex toy for couples who are going out of town to visit their family on Thanksgiving. It’s discreet yet works wonders making it a sex toy game changer! Tease her while you travel and turn it on spontaneously and maybe even during dinner, too. She wouldn’t know when and what is coming, but she surely will know when it’s turned on!


Handsfree Pleasure Ring

Treat yourselves this holiday with better ways to orgasm. Boost your sexual drive with this handsfree ring that enhances pleasure, helping his erection last longer than ever. This simple device helps in improving erections by applying enough pressure to trap blood in the penis without causing any harm. Not only is this for him, but it’s a two-way pleasure. A vibrator attached on top of it will surely hit the target.


Found the perfect toy to use yet? It’s Thanksgiving and holidays should be fun and exciting. Splurge into these new items and raise the bar on lovemaking with us.