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Are You Having Performance Anxiety In Bed?

Apr 27, 2018 | Blog, Sex Health, Sex Life, Sex Tips, Sex Toys

Performance anxiety is known in the medical field as the involuntary fight-or-flight response you get when you are thrust into the center of attention being expected to deliver a public performance. Everybody else knows it as stage fright.

But that’s not the performance anxiety we’re talking about.

What we’re talking about is being nervous to the point of erectile dysfunction.

You’re dreadfully nervous. Your penis is unable to assume an erect position despite being in the presence of a very attractive woman (or man). Maybe this is your first time with this girl. Maybe it’s the first time in ever. Maybe that’s why you’re intimidated.

No matter how embarrassing this is, you should understand that it’s normal. Still, even if performance anxiety normal, it isn’t anymore if every session ends up mellow.


How Do I Get Over My Performance Anxiety?


Don’t Worry

Chill out. You’re probably thinking too much of this situation. Remember that you have nothing to prove. You’re already in a situation where a consenting adult agreed to have sex with you. You’re attractive.


Get Over Your Size Issues

Sex is a passionate session to celebrate sexuality, not to criticize for size. I understand that you’re insecure, but you need to get your ego out of the way.

If your penis’ length is shorter than the average (5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches), just use as much of it as you can.

Remember: It’s not the size of the boat nor the motion in the ocean, it’s whether or not the captain can stay in port long enough for all the passengers to get off.



If your penis doesn’t work, allow it to rest. It’s not your only tool. Use your tongue, fingers, and god knows what else to make her happy.


Sex Toys

That said, you should consider having a sex toy handy for her pleasure. It would still make for a fun night. Maybe in the middle of everything, your performance anxiety issues dwindle down and you’re all set!



Viagra works as advertised. It turns soft to swollen. However, make sure you consult your doctor. Wrong use or dosage will result in very dire consequences!


Stop Masturbating So Much

If you’re doing it on a daily, cut off the porn and masturbation. Excessive masturbation can lead to a desensitized member, causing you to underperform in the bed.