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Sex Ideas For Couples To Enjoy Intimacy This Month Of Love

Feb 21, 2019Blog, Sex Toys

We all know that February is the month of love and it’s the best times for couples to have an intimate love making sessions.

Each and everyone is busy thinking about what could be the best surprise for his/her significant other. Come to think of having a romantic dinner at home, having a sexy bathtub time with him/her, or just a chance of getting flirty and intimate in bed to enjoy the rest of the night.

For couples being intimate, here are some new sex ideas to try:

Try It With A Blindfold

This might be the sexiest thing that you and your partner can do tonight. Put a blindfold on to cover your eyes and just feel each other sensually.

Feel the love and connection you have together while your bodies are intertwined. With both of your eyes covered, you will not worry about how you look and both of you will just focus on each other’s body that is heating up.

When you can’t see anything, every pleasurable move will electrify you. You may try to bring in things like feathers, oil, a Nick Hawk Whip or anything you like for an element of sexual surprise.


Dress Up

Let your girl wear a Wet Look Strappy Halter Dress, Hot Soft Lace Thong, Pearls Ankle Cuffs, Diamonds G-string, or Curve Appeal Panties to make her look and feel sexier. Seeing her dressed up with these sexy lingeries before you dress her down will make you instantly turned on.

This will make you feel more intensified when undressing her and putting her into bed. Touch her from top to bottom.

Let your fingers brush her thighs and kiss her anywhere you like. Tease her while you are getting her aroused.

Take her in the height of your sexual desires to make both of you sexually satisfied.

Buy Some Edibles

Spice up the night when you get your man an Edible Undies or get your woman a Pecker Glow Pop. Trying new things with your partner can increase intimacy as it also makes you crazier for him/her.

Imagine undressing your man while eating his edible underwear or trying to see your woman eat the Pecker Glow Pop before she goes down on you. This is an interesting thing to try with your partner when you’re into your intimate love making sessions.

This will excite you both to finish your sexually perfect goal!

Finish It Wildly

If you’re into adventures, trying new things to increase your sexual relationship with your partner will drive you insane. Adding some twist in your usual sex scene could make your partner go wild.

Both of you can engage with sex toys like Decedant Remote Control Dual Bullets,  Berman Emilia Massager, Advanced Master Gauge Pump or a lot more when you visit Sex Toy Closeouts. Using these toys will let you have multiple orgasms and will let you try new positions as well.

Finish your intercourse wildly to complete your sexual satisfaction this month of love!


Remember to always make your sex ideas and surprises for your significant other into reality. Always make time in finding ways to make your partner happy in bed.
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