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How to Use Games to Steam Up Your Sex Life

Jul 15, 2019Blog, Sex Life

When you first met your partner, it’s likely that your relationship was founded on passion and fun. You played together, laughed together, and couldn’t keep your hands off of each other!

But when things start getting bland in the bedroom, what’s a couple to do? 

Our suggestion: bring back some play time! 

Dozens of sexy games exist that are designed to bring couples closer while bringing back that special spark to the bedroom. 

Here are 8 of our favorite:

1. Take On A New Role

While role play has long had a cheesy reputation, dressing up and taking on a new persona can bring a whole new level of excitement to the bedroom.

To make a game of role play, buy some cheap props and put them all in a bag. Now you and your partner close your eyes and whatever prop you pick is your character for the night. 

As an added twist you can even pick each others props, and discover what your lover would most like to see you wear. 

Dressing up and pretending to be someone or something else can bring a whole new level of bravery and creativity to your love life. 

A little prompting from a role play game might be just what you need to spice things up again!

Our Suggested Toy Box Addition: Festiva Exotic Mask 

2. Strip Twister

Turn that crazy childhood game into a laugh out loud date night experience.

Twister has so many adult options, the possibilities are endless. You can turn it into a drinking game, or really challenge your skill level by adding some lube or oil to the playing mat.

Our favorite suggestion is a game of strip twister. Everytime someone falls on the mat, a layer comes off. 

In no time, you’ll be showing off your flexibility and discovering crazy new positions to get tangled up in.  

Our Suggested Toy Box Addition:

Pjur Original Lubricant 

3. Fantasy Confessions

Sharing your secret fantasies can be scary, but this game turns it into a real bonding experience. 

First, you and your partner write down five fantasies that you’ve never shared with each other. 

These can be anything from trying a new act or position, to getting kinky in a certain location, or even introducing a new toy to the bedroom.

Next, toss the fantasies into a hat and take turns reading out loud. 

Once you’ve both confessed, you each get to pick one of the others fantasies to reenact!

Our Suggested Toy Box Addition: Fetish Carpet Beater

4. Encounters

If you want a game you can pick up and play whenever the mood strikes, Encounters is the way to go. 

This deck includes 50 location cards with different levels and kinky activities to really give your sex life an adventurous lift. 

Our Suggested Toy Box Addition: Encounters 

5. Fire And Ice 

For this intense game, all you need is a glass of icy water and a cup of hot tea. 

One partner lays on the edge of the bed while the other kneels in front of them and starts going downtown. 

The twist here is that every few seconds, the giver alternates taking sips of hot tea and icy water before resuming their performance. 

If you’ve never had the exciting experience of drastic temperature changes like this, you’ll definitely want to add this game to your list. 

It’s the best way to make oral sex interesting and fun for your both!

Our Suggested Toy Box Addition: Fetish Fantasy Trimmer

6. Strip Pong

Maybe all you need to embrace the adult game life is a little liquid lubrication. No worries – strip pong is the answer.

Set up 6 solo cups on each end of your kitchen table, and fill the cups with your favorite adult beverage. 

Now stand at your side and take turns trying to throw a ping pong ball into your partners cups. 

When you score, your partner must drink and remove an article of clothing – your choice. 

To make this game extra interesting, wear lots of layers and extra kinky lingerie underneath. 

The winner of strip pong gets to request their favorite sexual favor as a prize! 

Our Suggested Toy Box Addition: Bound By Diamonds G String And Pasties

7. Copycat 

Flip a coin, and decide who is the leader in this exciting mirroring game. 

The leader starts by touching, kissing, or removing an article of clothing from their partner. 

The follower has to then copy the exact movement or act that the leader performed. 

This is a great way to slow things down and show your partner how you like to be touched. 

When you’re ready, switch roles and discover what your partner likes!

If you want to ramp things up a notch, try introducing a vibrator and take turns copying each other’s movements with toy in hand. 

Our Suggested Toy Box Addition: Essentials Nubby Softee

8. Grown Up Hide And Seek

For this twist on an old classic, set a one minute timer and the seeker puts a blindfold on while their partner hides. 

When the timer goes off, seeker gets to fumble about the room until they find the hider. 

If the hider is caught, the seeker can cop a feel – as long as they stay blindfolded!

Our suggested Toy Box Addition: Purple Blindfold

If you’ve never tried getting playful in the bedroom, save this list for your next date night. 

Chances are you’ll laugh a lot, discover more about your partner, and find some new favorite activities along the way!

And for more creativity sparking props, don’t forget to shop our collection of adult toys and accessories here.