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5 Best Sex Toys of Summer

May 14, 2019Blog, Sex Toys

When you think of a perfect summer, you might picture yourself lounging by the pool with a margarita, hitting up the beach or farmer’s market, and maybe taking a lazy afternoon nap. 

But summer is also, by far, the sexiest season of the year! 

Sunshine, fresh air, and skimpy swimsuits abound. Our sex drives are as spiked as our cocktails, and it’s a perfect time of year to get a little extra adventurous…with a partner, or all by yourself!

But if you feel like your love life is a bit lacking, or the creative juices aren’t flowing like they used to, no worries – we’ve got a toy for that!

We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite seasonal sex toys for summer time. These unique picks will help you turn down the heat with a little wet and wild warm weather fun!

1. Icicles

Ahh, icicles. These elegant, hand crafted glass massagers are perfect for sultry summer play. 

The sleek, classy design of the icicles massager makes it a classy choice for any grown up toy box, and the smooth texture is to die for. 

These massagers can be warmed in water or the microwave…or frozen to cool you or your partner wayyyyy down.  

As an added bonus, glass toys are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and are made to last a lifetime, as long as you they’re properly cared for. 

Add an icicle to your toy collection this season, and we promise you’ll be reaching for it all year long!

2. Fetish-Shock Therapy Luv Gloves

If you’re feeling extra risque and are willing to push the envelope a bit, these Fetish-Shock therapy gloves are just the ticket. 

The shock therapy gloves attach to a small unit that sends out powerful electronic impulses once they’re on to anywhere your hands may roam. 

If “powerful electric impulses” sounds a little intimidating to you, don’t fret! You can adjust the settings and start out at a slow, sensuous tingle. If that’s enjoyable, you can then try ramping it up a notch or two. 

The Luv Glove kit also includes a free eye mask. Imagine the anticipation as your partner waits in the dark, wondering where your hands will land first!

Our guess is you’ll quickly find that these gloves are your new favorite way to get “buzzed” this summer! 

3. Posh Teaser Silicone Ice Massager

The Posh Teaser Silicone Ice Massager is a must-have when the temps get high. 

Simply fill this little bedroom staple with water and freeze for hours of chilly, shocking fun. 

And the best part? The massager isn’t just cold – it vibrates! The 7 different pulsating functions and various speeds are sure to drive you wild. 

Perfect for clitoral play, or for use on any of your (or your partners) erogenous zones. 

When the heat gets too much to handle, you can enjoy a duo of icy, buzzing sensations anywhere your heart desires. 

No better way to end a summer day!

4. Gyrating Rocken Enhancer

Need a couples toy with plenty of options? 

This gyrating enhancer has 10 incredible functions for long lasting, all-night-long action. 

The silicone love ring provides extra support – meaning harder and longer lasting erections -for your partner. 

But we didn’t forget about the ladies! The silicone teasers on this enhancer give you plenty of tingly vibrations in all of the right places for a truly wild ride. 

As a cool added feature, the memory chip remembers which function you chose last so you can pick up in your favorite mode any time!

For a fun twist, have your partner slip this toy on and try and see just how long you both can last before climaxing!  

5. Fetish-Inflatable Wrestling Ring

If slick summer skin gets you all hot and bothered, this inflatable ring is a must try. 

Whether you want to play rough, or simply get extra oiled up and slippery with someone you love, a world of possibilities awaits you in this wrestling ring. 

The water based lubricant included is safe for total body use and instantly turns the ring into a sexy slip and slide. 

Imagine how much fun you could have when your favorite positions are extra wet.

This toy inflates quickly and makes clean up a breeze, so you can indulge in a good tumble in the privacy of your home any time. 

August may be the last month of summer, but that’s no reason for your sex life to start cooling down. With these 5 unique, sexy toys, you can keep the heat on high all year long. 

Try them solo, or with a lover – just try them! Don’t worry. You can thank us later. (Wink, wink) 

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