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Start The Year With 10 Seductive Tips For Satisfying A Woman

Jan 21, 2019Blog, Sex Tips

It’s 2019 and Valentine’s Day is creeping up fast!

It’s time to improve your relationship by satisfying your woman in bed.


For a more romantic and happier relationship with your wife, start your year with these

10 seductive tips for satisfying a woman:


Look Good for Your Woman

You may have taken it for granted a bit but your hygiene is a plus point in satisfying your woman. Remember to take a shower before your night with her.

Look good and feel good in bed, this will help you keep your wife’s hands on you!

Prepare a Romantic Dinner

Preparing a romantic dinner with candles and roses scattered in places is a good way to start the night with your wife. It will not only surprise her but tickle her heart as well which will set her mood for her romantic night with you.

Compliment Her

As soon as you see her entering the door of your room, make sure you say some complimenting words such as “You look beautiful tonight” or “That dress suits you well” etc. These words may appear simple but they can make a woman’s heart flutter.

Communicate with Her

Tell her what you want and how would you want to do it while in bed. On the other hand, let her do the same thing, so you’ll both know what will make your night happy and exciting.


Use Music

Listening to music during sex will allow you to have rhythmic coordination which will make sex better. In line with this, you can ask her about her music preference to ensure that she’s enjoying the night.


Find and Remember Her Sweet and Sensitive Spots

Every woman has their own sweet and sensitive spots that you have to find. Remembering these spots will make for a better sexual relationship with her.

Kissing or nibbling a woman’s sensitive spots will arouse her faster. To find her sweet and sensitive spots, remember to kiss every part of her body and see to it that you remember the part that excites her most.


Tell Her Sweet and Intimate Words

To keep your woman satisfied in bed with you, keep in mind that you’re not just having intercourse with her. Always remember that you’re making it out of your love for her.

Tell her sweet words that will make her feel loved and important. If you notice something good about her while in bed, don’t hesitate to tell it.

It will make her feel good and will allow her to have sexual confidence which leads to better sex.

Make Sure That She’s Comfortable

Another thing to note is to make your wife feel comfortable while in bed. Always put your wife’s needs first.

Think of the things that she likes while in bed. May it be about the lights, the place or the proper position.


Try Something New!

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Experiment while in bed with her to avoid letting your sex life get drab and monotonous.

Nowadays, sex toys are also available on the internet. You can try these products for a more exciting sexual relationship with your wife!



This is the most important thing: you should never forget to satisfy your wife while in bed. Think of her orgasm first, before anything else.

Think of the different positions that have made her orgasm in the past. Take your time and enjoy every moment and every inch of her body.

Can’t wait to see your satisfied wife? Start your year with these tips and exercises and have an exciting and happy sexual life with your wife.


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