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Intimacy is the glue that binds romantic relationships together. Although there is more to intimacy than simply making love, couples shouldn’t neglect this important aspect in their lives.

Tips for a Better Sex Life.

Sex plays a key role in the overall health of a person.

You burn a number of calories when you engage in this activity. Other health benefits also include improvement of a person’s quality of sleep and reduction of menstruation symptoms such as dysmenorrhea.

Most couples, however, will tend to encounter a speed bump (or more) in their sex life during the course of their relationship. They will suddenly become disinterested in this activity.

Because of this, they are missing out on the opportunity to add some spice to their innate sexuality and the chance to grow closer and more intimate. Improving your sexual drive and the intimate activities inside and outside your bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult.

Take Care of Your Body

Practice good hygiene every day. This means not just taking a shower or washing your private parts before engaging in some intimate time in the bedroom. Make sure you are always neat and tidy and that you smell good.

Also, you won’t fail to turn on your partner if you have a good body. Even if you don’t have the perfect body, if you are healthy inside and out, your confidence will show and there will be action in the bedroom more often. As such, skip the carbs and find ways to tone your body.

Talk to Your Partner

Different ways of conversing with your partner can do wonders for both your relationship and sex life. You can start by telling your partner what you enjoy whenever you are engaged in sexual activity and what could be done to make these intimate moments better.

You can also build up the suspense for what will happen once you and your partner are together by sending naughty messages through texts or when chatting throughout the day. Phone calls will also work as long as both of you are discreet.

Touch Each Other More Often

Touching can be a sexual gesture or romantic one, and if done properly at the right time, it can be both. Holding hands, kissing, lying on the bed together, and simply sitting beside each other can help greatly in improving your physical relations.

You can then take things further by massaging each other. Use mood-enhancing oils and candles to transform your bedroom into a spa and massage room and take turns massaging each other. If it’s your turn to be massaged, lie on your front and let your partner’s hands and fingers do the touching.

The bathroom is also another great place for couples. Take turns washing each other all over with a sponge or loofah without any intimate touching. This can be very erotic and will get you both in the mood.

Never Skip Out on Foreplay

Foreplay is part of any sexual activity. It sets the stage for a more satisfying experience for a couple. As such, it is important to make sure you have enough foreplay with your partner until you’re both ready for intercourse.

You can prolong the foreplay by going out for a romantic date or dinner or simply for some drinks.

Also, don’t rush to remove your clothes. Keep the evening going on as long as you can until you just can’t wait to get home for some really intense and gratifying sex.

Include Some Aphrodisiacs in Your Diet

Ginkgo biloba, maca, and ginseng are just some of the natural aphrodisiacs you can include in your diet. They come in capsule and tablet form so it won’t be too hard to take them.

“Aside from enhancing sexual health, these herbs provide other health benefits to the body as well.”

Wine, chocolates, and oysters are also said to have some aphrodisiac effects. The important thing to remember is that sex is something that should be pleasurable.

If you don’t like taking the herbs, ditch them — you shouldn’t feel forced to take them.

Use Some Sex Toys

Lastly, introducing the use of the right sex toys inside and outside the bedroom can add spice to all sexual activities. With a sex toy, your partner will be naughtier inside the bedroom. It can also help you last longer and will give your female partner greater pleasure.

It is something that can help improve your relationship since you and your partner will have to communicate in detail about how to use the sex toy. Trust will also be boosted because you will only talk to each about this — not to your friends or co-workers.

To choose the right sex toy, it is best to have some knowledge about the different types. Based on the available information, you and your partner should be honest about which one is the best to buy.

This should be the product that will provide more satisfaction to your female partner.

Whether you strive to keep it random or you follow a schedule for sexual moments, find some ways to prepare for it. You’ll be happy you did once you’re with your partner in the privacy of your bedroom or in any place you want to have sex.

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