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Do you think that sex toys for women emerged due to the lib movement of the women? Well, you have to think twice. Archaeologists have found a few early models suspected that emerged ever since from the Paleolithic era. Even though the makers at that time did not leave behind a user’s guide, there are recent guesses of what some of those phallic fossils were made for.

Nonetheless, the long sex toy’s history does not make walking into an adult store for the first time any less terrifying.  Luckily, there is a lot of options available online, including tons of sex toys for women stashed away on Goods.

This article will explain some of the most popular sex toys for women and how to utilize them, whether you like to explore yourself alone or try to experiment with your partner.

  • Vibrator

If there is a single woman toy that must be with you always, it is a vibrator. They come in all sizes and shapes and they can pack a lot of various features. Meaning, you can surely find the perfect one that you can vibe with.

  • Dongs and dildos.

If you like penetration, then dongs and dildos are ideal beginner toys for women due to their phallic shape that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and, instead of a motor, its movements are completely controlled by you or your partner.

Also, you can select between silicone, soft toy and a hard yet totally smooth women’s toy made of steel or glass. These hard toys are specifically awesome if you opt having pressure on your G-spot. To keep yourself comfortable upon utilizing such, never forget about having a lubricant. 

  • Kegel balls.

If you have already watched or read 50 Shades of Grey, then you have probably heard about Kegel Balls, which is also termed as ben wa balls. In order to use these, the weighted balls must slip inside the vagina, where they are tucked in place a little bit by flexing—a movement that can help massage the G-spot. The attached cord with it usually adds the stimulation effect and to remove it easily.

Moreover, the balls have benefits besides the bedroom. While other women claims that it provides them instant pleasure, little did they know that these balls can also strengthen the pelvic floors of your muscles that can help cure urinary incontinence, help recover after childbirth, and assist you to achieve greater orgasms from time to time.

  • Clitoral Suction Devices.

This type of sex toy for women fits perfectly around your clitoris. Then, it uses its waves to suction it which leads to orgasms. Women who likes oral sex are most likely a huge fan of this women’s toy.  Most of these devices are rechargeable, which is perfect to use even away from your socket.

Indeed, sex toys can be terrifying. Although a healthy sex life begins with understanding your own body. So, do not hesitate to buy one of these kinds of women’s toys. For more information about these toys you can check and learn tons of details about satisfying yourself.

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